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NorthernSTS – Winter Just Around The Corner

With winter just around the corner, and the weather is now starting to get colder, NorthernSTS has some major advantages than a “live fire” range for those who still want to practice or learn about firearms no matter what your level of experience is at, in a nice warm and safe environment.

Some of the major advantages that we at NorthernSTS offer are the following:


How do you become a better shooter? You practice. We can create the perfect environment for novice and experienced shooters, which range from the easiest standard target shooting to more complex moving targets and realistic targets at various distances and sizes.


NorthernSTS uses virtual simulators to create a realistic environment of a “live fire” range, or hunting and IPSC style shooting. With a simulated environment we do not use live ammo, but we simulate all the experiences with a “live fire” range including all the look and feel of the firearms with all the “kick back” and firearms actions i.e. pump action, that you would get using live firearms.


Shooting can be a very expensive sport or hobby with the cost of Ammo you can expect to pay a lot of money for an 1hr shooting at a “live range”, with NorthernSTS there is not cost for Ammo, a normal 2 person group can expect to shoot around 1000 rounds within an hour session.

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