NorthernSTS First Newsletter 2017 – Northern Simulated Training Systems Inc.

NorthernSTS First Newsletter 2017

Welcome to NorthernSTS first Newsletter in 2017

Hello Everyone:

Welcome to NorthernSTS first Newsletter in 2017. As a quick background, 2016 was the year Northern Simulated Training Systems Inc. (NorthernSTS) opened. The beginning of the idea for the Virtual Gun Range began from an introduction and instant friendship between Tom and Brandon.

They both share the same passion for firearms and the ever growing popular sport of target/action shooting. They also want to help educate the public’s perception of firearms. This led to a discussion that there were very few places for the average person to gain exposure, education on firearms or training with guns. The Company’s foundation was formed between their two visions and after many hours of conversation, research, and late night debates, NorthernSTS became a reality in Georgetown, Ontario.

The Virtual Gun Range,

The virtual gun range idea was eventually settled upon to allow shooters including, families, friends, those of all ages to experience a shooting range in a safe and controlled environment, not worry about the expensive cost of the ammunition as well as health concerns of possible lead exposure and being an indoor gun range allows shooters to participate all year round. It also allows for those young and old a way to experience the entertainment of shooting moving and reactive targets in a safe manner.


NorthernSTS firearm range before


NorthernSTS indoor gun range today

NorthernSTS shooting scenario

We have evolved alot over the year and today offer action shooting such as practical shooting, steel challenges, trap/skeet shooting as well as numerous skill building challenges where up to 4 shooters can compete against each other or see how they compare with other shooters around the world.

We have over 100 different scenarios to choose from, each scenario having multiple challenges to keep you in the best shooting condition or entertained. Scenarios range from skill building drills (e.g. working on accuracy, speed, muscle memory, lateral thinking, sight picture or combination thereof) to target sport competitions that range from beginner level to advanced. Each of the scenarios provide real time results based on performance which allows for great entertainment or friendly competitions.

What to Expect in 2017,

Coming in 2017, NorthernSTS will be introducing new scenarios and experiences at our facility. Please keep checking in regularly with us. Some of the new and exciting things coming to your favourite virtual gun range include:
Extreme long distance shooting scenarios for those who want to experience what it is like to shoot 300m and beyond.
New entertainment scenarios (e.g. Prairie Dog Hunt, Squirrel Hunter, Air Assault and possibly zombies!) .
New higher graphic practical shooting (IPSC) courses., Interactive scoring and personal scores to be available with the new practical scoring scenarios for online viewing through secure login (members only).
More streamlined booking process which will allow for pre-payment, seamless syncing with customer’s personal calendar, and easier viewing of range time availability which can all be accessed directly through website.
As per popular request, we will be introducing Family Memberships at the end of January 2017. It will be unveiled in our next newsletter.

And much more!.

Looking to get your firearm license

NorthernSTS now is the host building for anyone who wants to obtain the PAL, RPAL and Hunting licenses through certified instructors David Eagleson, Matt Eagleson and Art Hawes via the FAST (Firearms Safety and Training Course) program. You can check out the website here for available times as well as to sign up for the courses, or get the link from NorthernSTS website.

League Nights

NorthernSTS league nights have now moved to Tuesday nights. Any skill level is welcome to come and participate. It’s always a great and fun night for first time or experienced shooters whether you are coming for the atmosphere, to socialize, for entertainment or you just want some friendly competition with fellow shooters. Book your session either by phone (647-846-7224) or online ( We limit each session at a maximum of 15 people to allow for everyone to have ample time for shooting.

Thank You for your support

NorthernSTS sincerely thanks everyone who supported us from our beginning in 2016! We appreciate your support and hope you continue to support us by providing reviews and spreading the word about our new facility! As a token of our appreciation please enter NorthernSTS-ROCKS within the coupon code to receive a free firearm rental ($5.00 value) at your next booking. This coupon code will expire February 28th, 2017.

Looking forward to seeing you here at our facility soon!
NorthernSTS – Keeping You on Target!