Georgetown virtual gun range first of its kind in Canada

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to shoot an AK-47, but don’t like guns or, well — breaking the law? Or perhaps you work in the policing, military or security fields and would like to stay sharp with your sidearm by practicing with an endless clip? A new and unique business in Georgetown called Northern Simulated Training Systems Inc., or NorthernSTS for short, is a gun range everyone can enjoy. The first virtual gun range in the country, NorthernSTS features a shooting gallery across three large screens able to accommodate groups of up to 25 people. Offering a number of authentic firearms specially rigged to simulate everything down to the recoil without ever firing a single bullet, NorthernSTS is a truly unique experience. Located at 11672 Trafalgar Rd. and owned by Brandon Booker and Tom Tumilty, the facility offers various shooting options and scenarios which are both excellent training tools and a lot of fun.

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