$44.99 (+HST) – includes 2 SIRT firearms

  • Pricing good for up to 2 adults and 3 children (under 18) living in the same household
  • Each session shall include a minimum of two (2) SIRT firearms. Please see firearms tab for a list of available firearms and descriptions.
  • Additional recoil and premium firearms can be rented during the session. Please see firearms pricing tab for additional pricing information.
  • There is an additional $15.00 fee for untethered recoil semi-automatic firearms using green gas/CO2. Customers can bring their own gas at no extra charge provided that the compressed gas is CO2, HPA (high pressure air), and/or green gas. All other compressed gas is strictly prohibited on premise.
  • Should a guest wish to use their own firearms in a session, the firearm must be compatible with our tethered magazine system. If you wish to bring you own firearm please call ahead of time to confirm if compatible with our system.
  • All firearms will be checked by an employee to make sure that they are clear and safe!
  • Full range sessions are based on 55 minutes unless otherwise noted.