Do You Require a Gun License to Shoot at Our Range?

No. You do not require a firearms licence to shoot with the firearms at Northern Simulated Training Systems Inc. Our Georgetown facility simulates ranges or shooting scenarios through the use of digital simulated systems, with real firearms, real action but no live ammunition.


Is There an Age Restriction?

No. NSTS encourage young shooters to learn the proper and safe way to handle different firearms and enjoy an exciting and growing sport.

If you are under 18 you will need a waiver signed by your parents or guardian. Under the age of 15 you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian in the ranges.

For those that book parties with persons under 18, a signed waiver form must be obtained from each parent/guardian. Contact us for details. Click here to download the waiver.

We no longer accept large parties (more than 4) for children under 15.  We will still continue providing services for those under 15 that are accompanied with family.

What is the Maximum Number of People per Range?

Five.  If you would like to have more shots (rounds) per person we suggest any group over 4 persons that you consider our DUAL Range option

If you have a DUAL RANGE or TRIPLE RANGE option is our group in the same room?

Yes.  We have divisible curtains on tracks that we can open up the ranges to be in one large room to accommodate larger groups so that everyone is in the same room together.

Is the cost indicated per person?

NO.  Cost is per range per hour.  (e.g. you have 2 people in single range it is $55 (+HST) per hour, you have 3 people in single range it is $55 (+HST), etc.)

Does everyone in a group need to purchase a recoil firearm?

No.  Many of the games/course of fire are one shooter at a time.  Similar to a golf simulator facility.  Average course of fire/game is 35-45 seconds per person.

How much do the firearms weigh?

It depends on the firearm.  All firearms at our facility are of real feel and the weight is within grams of the real steel firearm you shoot at a live range.

Is an hour enough time?

For 80% of our customers, yes.  We guarantee excitement and fun but you will be exhausted by the end.

I have a friend that is concerned about firearms and am wondering if they will have fun at your facility?

We have had many visitors here at the facility from those that are experienced shooters to those who are not excited about firearms.  

What we can tell you is that we have NOT had any customers that have NOT had a great time and experience being here.  We have great range officers that work with each of the customers that come into the facility.  We strive to make every customer feel comfortable and do not force anything upon anyone.  Our mission is for each group to have a unique experience that they can’t find anywhere else, have fun, and learn something new.

Do you have a liquor license?

No.  However, we have done private parties and events in the past where we apply for temporary license to accommodate events.  Please contact us at 647-846-7224 for more information should you require this for your upcoming event.

What is Non-Recoil Firearm?

A Non-Recoil Firearm is a firearm that has no backward momentum. Unlike recoil firearms, there is no movement or kickback from the firearm, but you will hear the sound and see your shot on the simulated screen.

What is Recoil Firearm?

A Recoil Firearm, often called blow back, knock back, kickback or kick, is the backward momentum of a firearm when it is discharged. Using recoil firearms at NSTS simulates a realistic discharge of a firearm.

What is Tethered?

Firearm recoil is achieved with compressed air or CO2 gas. Air is delivered through a hose that is connected between the magazine of the firearm and the table in the simulator room. NSTS can provide pre-filled canisters or the customer can supply their own pre-filled canisters.

What is Non-Tethered?

There is no hose, or any other tethering attached to the firearm. This allows for the most realistic simulated experience, since the shooter can move freely and holster the firearm. If you own your own airsoft firearm, please contact us for compatibility information.

How To Obtain Your

Take the Ontario Hunter Education Course & Examinations including Wild Turkey Examinations, which is run by the Firearms Safety Education Of Ontario.

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How To Obtain Your Hunting License

Take the Ontario Hunter Education Course & Examinations including Wild Turkey Examinations, which is run by the Firearms Safety Education Of Ontario.

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How To Obtain Your RPAL (Restricted)

Restricted designation (for handgun and restricted rifle), take the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC), which is run by Firearms Safety Education Of Ontario.

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