Do You Require a Gun License to Shoot at Our Range?

No you do not require a gun license to shoot any of the firearms at Northern Simulated Training Systems Inc. Our facility simulates a real environment through the use of digital simulated systems, with real firearms, real action but not the dangers that come with live ammunition.

Is There an Age Restriction?

No there is not an age restriction on clients.  In fact we encourage young shooters to come out and learn the proper way to handle different firearms and enjoy a wonderful sport. If you are under 18 you will need a waiver signed by your parents or guardian. Under the age of 15 you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to sign waiver.

For those that book parties that have persons under 18, a signed waiver form must be obtained from each parent/guardian in order for participation within the ranges. Please contact us for further details, click here to download the waiver

What is Non-Recoil Firearm

A Non-Recoil Firearm is a Firearm that has no backward momentum. Unlike the recoil firearms you will not feel any movement or kickback from the firearm but you will still hear the sound and see your shot on the simulated screen.

What is Recoil Firearm 

A Recoil Firearm often called knock back, kickback or simply kick is the backward momentum of a gun when it is discharged. Using our Recoil firearms at Northern Simulated Training Systems Inc. will give  you the most realistic experience similar to firing a live firearm at the range.

What is Tethered

Weapon recoil is achieved with compressed air or CO2 gas. Air is delivered through a hose that is connected between the magazine of the gun and the table in the simulator room.

What is Non-Tethered

 Weapon recoil is achieved with compressed gas. The gas is delivered via a canister connected to the firearm. There is no hose or any other tethering attached to the gun. This allows for the most realistic simulated experience as the shooter can move more freely and holster the weapon. Northern Simulated Training Systems Inc. can provide pre-filled canisters or the customer can supply their own pre-filled canisters. Please contact Northern Simulated Training Systems Inc. for compatibility information.