Northern Simulated Training Systems Inc.,

Northern Simulated Training Systems Inc. (NorthernSTS/NSTS) is a business dedicated to the promotion, understanding, and safe practice of handling firearms. Our facility in Halton Hills (Georgetown) has multiple learning and entertainment areas utilizing advanced virtual firearms simulators and a large 6,000 sq. ft. CQB (close quarter battle) facility. The facility has classrooms that can double as a catering space for professional use or larger parties. Our virtual firearms ranges accommodate all levels of training, as well as safe entertainment. Each experience is custom-built. If you are a professional shooter looking to refine your skills at a fraction of the cost, a family seeking entertainment, or a company searching for inventive ways to engage employees in team-building exercises, we can help! You are not required to have a PAL or RPAL to shoot at NSTS.

You can expect to shoot from 600 to 1,200 rounds per person within an hour, depending on individual or group sizes. One hour equates to five to six hours at a live-fire range. NSTS has scenarios that challenge the accuracy and speed of your movements and reactions. Scenarios test cognitive and logistical decision-making using fun drills tailored to shooting. All scenarios provide real-time feedback, such as how long it took to complete the stage, how many hits/misses were made, and any penalty shots to provide each player an overall score. You can use this data to improve personal scores, create competition with friends, and test hand-eye coordination.

Whether you are a first-time shooter wishing to know more about the sport of firearm shooting or a long-time firearms owner in competition, NorthernSTS is for you!