What is N2SWAT

Do you have what it takes to solve the mission?  Ever wanted to be like a tactical officer?  See if you have what it takes at NorthernSTS new N2SWAT Range now operational for group bookings.  Great for parties, group outings, team building activities, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and much more!  

You will be put into a challenging mission in which you must think like operatives to take down targets with airsoft firearms, as well as solve all the clues to complete the mission.  The facility consists of 3000 sq. ft. room with winding corridors, breach doors, hidden passages, blind corners as well as clues.  Your group has an hour to solve the entire mission.

The minimum group size to run the mission is 4 with a maximum of 10.  For larger groups we have a more challenging mission in which a command centre and field teams are setup in which you are in constant contact with one another through radios and ear pieces to help one another solve the overall mission.

Come dressed for the occasion.  Clothing must be casual with no loose articles.  You will also want to dress for the weather.  Although the facility is all indoor it is not environmentally controlled.  This is purposely done to see if you can keep your wits and complete the mission under any conditions the facility may present.

N2SWAT range is only available for ages 18 and older.  You must sign a waiver prior to participating in the event.