Are you looking for the perfect event for your party and coming up with the usual?  For your virtual range party extravaganza, you will be treated to complete private range(s) with trifecta screening systems to practice and shoot for only you and your guests.

You will also have one of our amazingly talented range assistants who will host games, a round robin play and a tournament (after everyone is more comfortable shooting) to crown the champion group and/or individual.

While you or your party guests may have to step outside your normal comfort zone to use real firearms with recoil, it is incredibly safe.  In fact, the firearms do not shoot any projectiles and the recoil is light to allow for full enjoyment.  Our expert range assistants will train your group on everything safely while keeping you entertained the entire time.  They’ll also provide the guidance you’ll need to perfect your technique so you can develop your supreme shooting skills to master challenging courses and moving targets.

If any party or guests that decide the joy of shooting firearms just is not for them, they can still enjoy being a part of the group watching and laughing with all the other party goers.  We do not charge for their presence because, as we see it, the more the merrier.  As with most of our nay sayers, after watching and seeing all the fun everyone is having they eventually cave and join in the celebration.

From the instant you feel the hard steel in your hands, the exhilaration of pulling the trigger, to the last zombie down, we promise a party of pure thrills and excitement.  It’s our guarantee.

If you are looking to create an everlasting fun memory and impression please come and join us!

NorthernSTS – Keeping You and Your Group on Target