Northern Simulated Training Systems Inc.


Membership Price


$260.00 for 1 year (12 month) membership
$155.00 for 6 month membership

Member Range Pricing (per 55 minute session)


1 Person – $30.00 (+HST)
2-3 People – $17.00 (+HST) each
4-5 People – $14.00 (+HST) each


  • Each session includes one SIRT along with any tethered firearms at no additional cost. Only one
    premium firearm, per person, is allowed in the range at all times during range session. Member
    is allowed to swap out any firearm for another at any time during the range session time.
  • Any guest accompanying the member shall pay the normal rate based on a group size
    • Example 1 – 1 member plus 1 guest (i.e. 2 person session) = $17.70 for the member and
      $23.99 for guest.
    • Example 2 – 1 member plus 3 guests (i.e. 4 person session) = $13.99 for the NSTS
      member and $20.99 per each guest.
    • Example 3 – 2 members plus 1 guest (i.e. 3 person session) = $17.70 for each NSTS
      member and $23.99 for guest.
  • There is an additional $15.00 fee for untethered recoil semi-automatic firearms using green
    gas/C02. Customers can bring their own gas at no extra charge provided that the compressed
    gas is C02, HPA (high pressure air), and/or green gas. All other compressed gas is strictly
    prohibited on premise.
  • Should a guest wish to use their own firearms in a session, the firearm must be compatible with
    our tethered magazine system.
  • All firearms will be checked by an employee to make sure that they are clear and safe!
  • Members receive 50% off league night shoots.
  • Ability to access online stored scores at no additional fee (COMING SOON).
  • Full range sessions are based on 55 minutes unless otherwise noted.