Rules and Regulations

  1. Do not bring your own firearm.  We provide all firearms onsite for your use.
  2. No live cartridges (i.e. bullets) to be brought onsite.  We provide everything you require for your virtual range or N2SWAT mission experience.
  3. Treat all firearms as they are real and loaded.  Do not point firearms at anything or anyone you do not intend to destroy.  Your finger should remain off the trigger until you are pointed at the target you intend to shoot.
  4. Keep firearms pointed downrange (i.e. towards the screen) at all times.
  5. Do not come inebriated from alcohol or drugs to our facility.  Doing so can lead to you being escorted from the facility with no refund.
  6. Harassment, whether verbally or physically, against any other customers or staff members of NSTS staff is strictly prohibited.  Doing so will lead to the immediate termination of your session in the virtual range and you will be escorted from the facility, waiving your rights to any refund.  We are a fully inclusive facility and want everyone to have an amazing experience.