Corporate Events & Team-Building

Are you looking to expand your team-building activities?

Do you have clients or customers that you wish to entertain and leave with an amazing experience and impression? NorthernSTS can customize your team-building event and turn it into a “WOW” experience. Regardless of your age, skill, and fitness level, our friendly and knowledgeable range officers will teach you how to aim and shoot with different firearms for an exceptional fun, exciting and memorable experience.

It is a Unique Experience you MUST try! Available for everyone!

HR and corporate managers are always looking for new activities that are fun, engaging, different, and entertaining. NorthernSTS is unique. With 200+ scenarios and more being added weekly, NorthernSTS is a destination for fun activities that accommodates all groups (socializers, internal and external competitors, explorers).

NorthernSTS has hosted virtual firearm range team-building events for Wurth Canada, HT Griffin, Pivotal, Roy McMurtry, and many other small and large businesses. We have repeat corporate customers, including some that introduced prospects.

Free Catering

NorthernSTS does not charge for catering if bringing your own food and drinks. We are happy to provide suggestions on local catering companies and help with arranging additional needs for an event. We have a separate room for private group events. You can arrive early to set up for delivery of food, beverages, and other considerations.

Virtual Firearms Format for Corporate Events

Corporate and team building events will last between 1 and 3 hours depending on group size and activities. We have 3 full-size virtual reality screens in an undivided space that are dedicated for your team event. For the entire time we will have friendly and experience range assistants that help explain rules, provide simple instruction, and practice.

Once the group has had time to practice and learned basic techniques, we separate the group into teams and create fun scenarios and competition to crown a winning team. Throughout the experience, we have multiple fun awards so that no-one feels left out. In addition, we have individualized tournaments to crown an overall sharpshooter.

Virtual Range Extras

NorthernSTS has an executive boardroom and large meeting room accommodations to provide company updates or sales meetings. Rooms have interactive flat panel displays (90-in.), audio systems, and video conferencing capabilities. We provide free Wi-Fi Internet access.

Our events are tailored to be fun, educational, relaxing, and engaging. If you have special requirements or need more information, contact us anytime. We can book your events during the week, including week days, as well as weekends.