Virtual Ranges

Realistic shooting in a safe environment.  Virtual ranges were originally created for military and police training.  NorthernSTS has now made it available to all enthusiasts and professionals alike.  NSTS has implemented a safe way to learn and have fun all at the same time.  Multiple rooms with over 250 skill drills, sport shooting, missions and games in all of your favourite genres.  Interactive shooting scenarios and systems.  Designed for all levels of shooters.

We have prizes and gifts for top shooters and regular enthusiasts.

Bookyour extreme fun for your friends and family as well as we have have memberships available for those who attend on a regular basis


 Bookyour awesome experience for parties, team building activities, and much more for a memorable time!

Scenarios and games are added on a regular basis so that each time you visit it is a new experience.  Our replica firearms are realistic and accurate but cannot be converted into live firearms.

The only way to master any skill is through repetition and the virtual ranges allow for this by giving real time immediate feedback at a fraction of the cost of live fire.  

Four years ago, Brandon (CEO) as a gun enthusiast and sport shooter, came up with the idea of Canada’s first publicly available virtual firearms range, after spending tens of thousands of dollars shooting live rounds (“real bullets”) at the range.  Shooting live rounds at clubs for practice, often occurred on static targets (i.e. no movement).  Furthermore, there are no live analytics driven to understand why or why not he missed each shot.

NSTS virtual ranges allows for real time practice on both static targets as well as moving targets increasing speed, accuracy, and lateral thinking agility at a fraction of the cost of shooting live rounds.  NSTS virtual range is essentially dry fire on steroids.

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